Haven't been posting it for months. A lot has happened since. I finally got a few things I wanted during those periods like the Brad Marchand Team Canada (WCOH) jersey which I planned to wear for Canada 150 and I did with a Team Canada hat. The shortly I finally got an iPad and I loved it.

Haven't been on chat for a while, because I was told that the chat won't work on any moblie or tablet and last month the computer I've been on at the library died thanx to that blue screen crash, but I managed to be online as possible with my iPad when I'm at my family's at Nellie Lake and even tried it at Tim Hortons.

I began to reminiscing the old days of "Hockey Night In Canada" hearing the Hockey Theme which was iconic and nostalgic since 1988 to the 90's seeing the openings from 1989-1992 period even the ones during the playoffs. Seeing these teams like the Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, Boston Bruins, Pittsburgh Penguins, Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Blackhawks and even the classless cheats Montreal Canadiens in were timeless.

The thought of everything isn't really same anymore and the tradition dead. The Hockey Theme now belonged to TSN and it didn't even sounded that good, they sullied the theme, it's not traditional and not very iconic at all. And Rogers taking over Hockey Night In Canada production away from CBC.

I wanna go back to the old days and watch them all over again and listening to the Hockey Theme as it supposed to sounded like and go back to the traditional Saturday night hockey on CBC and not go over Rogers reign. I've said this before and I'll say it again.

Hockey Night In Canada belongs to CBC! Not Rogers!


The Hockey Theme also belongs to CBC! Not TSN!

I got a nasty bruise on my elbow. I slipped and fall off the icy sidewalk on my way to work, because it was freezing rain throughtout the other to early morning yesterday. It's gonna be a mild week so all the ice turned soft and becoming slush.

Daryll478 Argh, Take care! Wish I could send you some Sun, PoP. Felt like Summer yesterday with 18°C 6 months ago

I won't be on the chat this week, because I wanna start on the new story based on the HIdden Leaf Story (novel/episodes) The Perfect Day For A Wedding saga focusing on my own Naruto OCs. Just to let ya's know. I'll be back on the chat sometime next week.

Daryll478 Have fun writing PoP 6 months ago

Oh yeah, it's a far better day today, because it's once again mild. YAY! But the downside is that the sidewalks are terrible, wet and icy.

Literally had a crappy early morning yesterday, I mean literally, I got the craps around 5:30am or so. I had nothing have water with me and when I got to work, then later while I was at work, I can hear my stomach it's like I should be fed, I did eat, but I'm laying off the hot sauce for a couple of days and I had a better sleep.

I really can't wait for next week. NARUHINA WEDDING!!! When I think about it, it makes me think of the live performance of "If You Only Believe" which I like to think will be their wedding track. I still remember the time when I heard that NaruHina was official when the film "The Last" was coming that was the happiest day of my life. Now seeing Naruto & Hinata getting married I think I'm gonna cry....

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I got my corrupted iPod fixed, I tried having it into disk mode, then I fixed it into Disk Utility from the Mac and really worked again, I can finally sync my stuff from iTunes and still play my iPod. I panicked deep down inside, but I'm all happy now.

Daryll478 Cool PoP 8 months ago

I'm not very happy just right now. My fricking iPod got corrupted because I tampered the connection into iTunes, I blame that dock connector, it's like is it really connecting or not.

Still lovin' the mild January Thaw around.

My yucky mood sets in today.

Daryll478 Keep your head up, PoP 8 months ago

Borrowed 2 Mighty Ducks films from the library. (D1 & D3), watched the first one last night. I wanted to watch those 3 since I matched most or part of D2 and D3 which ws played on MUCH last week. Now I'm watching D2 online at 123Movies.gs and I'll be watching D3 tonight.

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I feel like I'm in the Rankin/Bass Christmasy mood lately. Those animations were a classic.