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At a sun setting Saturday at Tim Hortons with my brother, I've just been insulted by a claimed MJ fan named Sandra Jovic on YouTube pissing me the hell right off, she insulted by saying I need a psychiatric help, does she think I'm crazy? She's the crazy one, if she's a fan of Michael's then why the hell does she have the nerve to insult another fellow fan like me? It's either she's crazy, she's a manipulative person or she's a fake pretended to be a fan. She called me "PROZAC STAN", that's was not just insulting, that was really hurtful and I told her to shut the hell up for she'll regret it because she just poked the bear. She also had the nerve to drag my parents into this, she doesn't know me, she doesn't know when to shut the hell up until the next she finally shuts up. I would've ignored her completely, I muted her just in case. If she would've gone too far, I would've reported on her for insults.

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hi - feeling happy

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Movie Moonwalker

#AreYouScaredYet The Exclusive #HalloweenStory at #MJJCommunity

#AreYouScaredYet MJJC Halloween story

Hello and welcome to the #HalloweenStory exclusively for #MJJCommunity. #AreYouScaredYet 1451 It was a dark and misty evening, the perfect setting to get in that…

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Who's ready for the all #NewStyle #MJJCcomic
Follow the adventures of #RockinRobin Exclusively for #MJJCommunity

How are all the lovelies doing today? ♥ #ShoutOut to the #MJJCFam

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Haven't been posting it for months. A lot has happened since. I finally got a few things I wanted during those periods like the Brad Marchand Team Canada (WCOH) jersey which I planned to wear for Canada 150 and I did with a Team Canada hat. The shortly I finally got an iPad and I loved it.

Haven't been on chat for a while, because I was told that the chat won't work on any moblie or tablet and last month the computer I've been on at the library died thanx to that blue screen crash, but I managed to be online as possible with my iPad when I'm at my family's at Nellie Lake and even tried it at Tim Hortons.

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#RarePicoftoday at #MJJCommunity
"What is Michael holding there? "

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#RarePicOfToday at #MJJCommunity "Pop that bubble lol"

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Daryll478 shared a photo. 4 months ago
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#FavePicOfToday lol "Have a great weekend"

#MJJCcomic5 "Rebel with a cause " at #MJJCommunity

MJJC New Project #MJJCcomic

MJJCommunity NEW Project #MJJCommunity is proud to present their #BrandNewProject simply called #MJJCcomic Weekly witty comics #MJStyle to get you through the day! Who liked…

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