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HIStoric Facts


"HIStoric Facts"
Researched by Daz for MJJCommunity
Everyday create your HIStory
leaving your legacy behind.
These are the HIStoric Facts from
the Album HIStory
Past Present & Future

Today, we make HIStory researching
the HIStoric facts of the Album HIStory.

Though in my research I found the 'release' date of
June 20th 1995,
I will always remember that we as Europeans got
the Album on a date I simply can't forget.
Yeash, it was the ULTIMATE B-Day present.
So, NOW you all know I was born on this HIStoric day or simply
on June 16th as I'm just a humble fan though.

I do still cherish the Promo posters I managed to get from
the store as they had the message
"HIStory begins June 16th"

Anyway, during my HIStoric journey LOL, I noticed that
HIStory managed to get loads of Awards and so here
they all are to 'admire' once again.

~ Awards ~

* Bravo magazine *
1995/ 1996 Gold Otto Award
Platinum Otto/Lifetime Achievement Award
Best Male Singer; Best Show; Nicest Singer
Best Album
Silver Otto Award; Best Show; 1st Best Looking Singer
Best Album

* Danish Grammy Awards*
Best International Male Artist
Best International Album

* Grammy's *
"Scream" (with Janet Jackson) Best Music Video, Short Form

* The MTV Europe Music Awards (EMA) *
Best Male Artist of the Year
Best Male Performer

* The MTV Video Music Awards *
"Scream" (with Janet Jackson)
Best Dance Video
Breakthrough Video
Best Direction in a Video
Best Choreography in a Video
Best Special Effects in a Video
Best Art Direction in a Video
Best Editing in a Video

~ Did you know? ~

*French Film Awards - Le Film Fantastique *
"Earth Song" Best Video

* Genesis Award*
for his environmental themed "Earth Song" music video.
"Earth Song" 1995 Doris Day Music Award

MJ has been awarded thirty-one times by
* the Guinness Book of World Records *
In 1996, Scream "hollered" his way into the book
with the MOST expensive short film to date.

MJ even won two * Hong Kong Hit Radio awards*
in 1996
* Best International Male Artist
* "You Are Not Alone" Best Song of the Year

"Scream" even snatched an award in the
* Brazilian TVZ Awards *
in 1995 for
Best International Video of the Year

Last but not least... Some HIStory figures.
UK: 4× Platinum
US: 7× Multi-Platinum AUS: 8× Platinum
CAN: 5× Platinum FRANCE: Diamond
GERMANY: 3× Platinum NL: 3× Multi-Platinum
NZ: 10× Platinum SWISS: 3× Platinum

Everyday create your HIStory!

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