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About Us


MJJCommunity is a Michael Jackson Fan Club who are committed to preserving Michael’s legacy. MJJC is focused on maintaining integrity and respect for Michael who although was adored by millions of fans; he was a compassionate, selfless, humble and honourable human being. Gaz is resolute in keeping the community operating within these guidelines and is able to do so with the help of the MJJC Staff. Perhaps Michael was aware of this as apparently, he secretly lurked and enjoyed how fans marvelled over anything Michael Jackson did.

MJJCommunity was founded in 2007 by Gary Taylor (aka Gaz), who is the sole owner of MJJCommunity. Gaz is a passionate web developer and is a “Dedicated” MJ fan that took an existing Michael Jackson forum and inserted new energy to create a community and a place to connect with other MJ fans from around the world. MJJComunity’s professional website offers many features and information to support Michael’s legacy. 

A team of dedicated volunteers who believe in the same values that Michael held close to his heart and soul manages MJJCommunity. 

MJJCommunity offers the following to members and visitors:

MJJCommunity - Michael Jackson Community Official Fan Club Forum


All the latest news (direct from the source) is discussed in a ‘healthy’ and ‘respectful’ manner. For additional research, several events are stored in the MJJC History vault and offer a historic value.

MJJC Staff members are very passionate in their mission to provide all the latest information and facts about Michael as a gifted artist, humanitarian and human being.

If News is not your interest and you just want to talk about Michael, the man, the music and the dance, Michael Mania is the place for you.

MJJC also shares rare pictures through a designated forum and the Michael Jackson Pictures to keep Michael’s image alive in the hearts of people of all ages around the world. The forum is not exclusive to Michael as you can also find information about the other Jackson family members in the 2300 Jackson street forum.

MJJC is also proud to bring you an exclusive interview section called the Q & A Sessions. This forum offers interviews with people who worked very closely with or knew Michael and who wanted to share their love and experience of Michael with the MJJC family.

For people who love to collect things, MJJC offers a special forum dedicated to those amazing videos and amazing music that keeps Michael’s legacy very much alive.

What would a community be without the connection between its members, and where the potential for lifelong friendships exists? Where else can community members share how Michael inspires us to work to make that change and make a difference in the world?


If members do not feel like discussing anything Michael-related at all, there is a place for you at MJJC as well. Members can browse the “General Discussion” forum where you can talk about the news, your favourite sports, books, movies. There is even a section in the forum for discussions on fashion or if you wish to talk about nothing in particular, there are the ‘random thoughts’ threads.

MJJC is a unique network of people around the world with a mission to share Michael’s legacy and his desire for change. MJJC’s mission is to protect, defend, preserve and honour the Legacy of Michael Jackson. Fulfilling Michael’s mission of bringing L.O.V.E. back into the world is very important to MJJC and its members. Some of the causes included in this mission include care and protection of the planet, nurture and love of children, animal rights and welfare, equal education opportunities for all, showing kindness and compassion to all beings; unity, consciousness and awareness; the list goes on. These are just some of the causes that Michael believed in which has inspired the launch of many projects by the MJJC Legacy Project team. Information on these projects is located in the Legacy Project Forum.

The MTV O awards recognised MJJCommunity for “BEST fan site” in 2011. With many congratulations received including the Estate of Michael Jackson  MJJCommunity’s focus is to bring the fans together from all over the world to “unite” as brothers and sisters, aka The Army of L.O.V.E which Michael Jackson ‘loved’ as his own children.

MJJC works to build connections with other fans that are outside the MJJCommunity Forum, through several forms of social media such as FacebookTwitter and MJJCommunity Blog, who also help preserve Michael’s legacy and/or spread L.O.V.E. across the world.

We now also offer an awesome platform where fans come together to chat sing and play music - why not pop along and join in the fun in our Michael Jackson Chat Rooms, with full chat Cam and Audio capability.


MJJC is the world’s MOST active Michael Jackson fan club, with a total member count of 105.904 (as of July 4, 2013) with 869 of those members currently active each and every day. This number will fluctuate from time to time, especially when there is a Breaking MJ NEWS, a NEW album or DVD released or especially around the anniversary of June 25th or more importantly on his birthday August 29th.

We welcome NEW members who are inspired by Michael’s magic and who have found their way to MJJCommunity.

To join our community forum go HERE

To join our main website it's HERE

Michael may no longer be in this world physically; however, his light and L.O.V.E. will continue to live on in us here at MJJCommunity

Kind Regards,

MJJCommunity - Michael Jackson Community

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Exclusive MJJC Q&A With Latoya Jackson (Second cousin to Michael Jackson)


Firstly - we wanted to say Hi, we are MJJCommunity – Michael Jackson Community, the worlds most active Michael Jackson fan club online, its great to speak with you and we thank you for taking time out of you busy schedule to talk to us.

About you

MJJC - Can you tell us who you are and what your relation is to the Jackson family?

LaToya - I'm LaToya Jackson My Grandfather is Luther Jackson who is Joe Jackson's Blood Brother which makes me the second cousin to Michael Jackson


MJJC Exclusive Q&A With Bill Whitfield And Javon Beard




MJJC: What made you want to write a book?

Bill & Javon: We wrote Remember the Time because we had a story to tell about the Michael Jackson we knew. If you’re a Michael Jackson fan and supporter, you deserve to know him more on a personal side, not just who he was but what he endured as a man, and as a father. You deserve a true account from those that were there, not from those who can only repeat what they heard second hand. 

We wrestled a long time with whether or not was should write a book. Fundamentally, we agree with those who say Mr. Jackson deserves his privacy and deserves to rest in peace. But ultimately we came to the conclusion that his fans deserve to know and, hopefully, in some way it will bring closure to some and truth to others. We also felt an obligation to tell the world about our time with Mr. Jackson because there really is no one else to tell this part of the story. During the time Mr. Jackson spent in Las Vegas, between his return from Ireland and the start of “This Is It,” there simply weren’t a lot of people around. Very often the only people there were us, Mr. Jackson, and the three 


MJJC Exclusive Q&A with Brad Sundberg


Brad Sundberg was technical director to Michael Jackson for nearly two decades. He recently announced a series of seminars to take place this June in New York called "In The Studio with Michael Jackson" ( thread here: http://www.mjjcommunity.com/forum/th...ichael-Jackson)

We reached out to Brad Sundberg to talk about Michael's music as well as talk about his ""In The Studio With Michael Jackson" seminars. You can read his answers below. Also check the end of Q&A for information about seminars and how to get tickets to them.

MJJC: What exactly is the job of a technical director and what did this position entail, as you worked in this role on some of the MJ albums?

Brad Sundberg: There is the short answer and the long answer. The short answer is “be ready for anything.” The long answer would go something like this: My responsibility was to have whatever recording studio we worked in, anywhere in the world, be up to Michael Jackson quality. I worked very closely with Bruce Swedien (not just on MJ albums, but also Quincy Jones, Barbra Streisand, among others), and his attention to detail is second-to-none. Every microphone, every patch-point, every machine and device in the studio had to tested and (if possible) calibrated to perfection. It was not uncommon for this process alone to take 1-2 weeks before the projecting would even start. The funny thing is that so few production teams do this, yet it is a vital part of the reason our projects sounded so good.

Additionally, I would be involved in day-to-day recording, setting up microphones, headphones, booking studios, keeping tapes organized, getting Michael’s hot water ready for his vocals, transcribing Michael’s lyrics for the liner notes, even making coffee! With various production teams working on the same project, it made for long yet very rewarding days. The hard work and dedication was also very rewarding in that I was privileged to see and be a part of so much musical history being created.


MJJC Exclusive Q&A with Ralphige about the prank call - Read Ralphige's Answers (2)

After the recent news story that Michael Jackson Estate was going after Ralphige for the prank call he did to Michael, once again the contents of the prank call became the focus of the fans. In the light of the questions and anger Ralphige volunteered to answer any questions - even hate - coming towards his way. As MJJC we decided to take this opportunity (not to promote or support Ralphige but) to get the answers that we always wanted to know. Below is the MJJC Exclusive Q&A with Ralphige. 

We want to thank everyone that asked the questions and Ralphige for the answers. 

1. How did you manage to get Michael’s number and get through to him?

Ralphige: I am able to dream up these numbers. I wake up in the middle of sleep with the celebrity and their phone number in my head. I sleep with a notebook next to me so I am able to immediately write down the phone number before I forget it.

As a matter of fact, TMZ published a story yesterday about how Dr. Arnold Klein may have been the person who originally got Michael Jackson addicted to the medications. That story triggered Dr. Arnold Klein to show up in my dream yesterday. I woke up, went straight to my notebook and his phone number popped up in my head. As fans of Michael, I think you guys should have the phone number...... 310-xxx-xxxx

2. What did you want to get out of prank calling Michael?

Ralphige: I am a celebrity prank caller and I have prank called many other celebrities including Paris Hilton and even Donald Trump. Michael was simply just another target for me at the time. I simply wanted to add the biggest star on the planet to my list of victims.

3. Why the mention of Akon and the diamonds in Africa? Why not go with the topic he started, the charities and helping people in need?

Ralphige: In my dream, Michael Jackson and Akon were hanging out at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas. Naturally I went along with whatever I saw in my dream. Plus, this was supposed to be a prank call, not an interview about charities. However, I am glad this prank call happened because now everyone knows that Michael had these wonderful intentions of building a school in Africa. Someone should build one in his honor. 

4. How many times have you spoken to Michael? Did you talk afterwards the prank call, and if yes, what MJ said to you?

Ralphige: I spoke with him 1 additional time after the prank call. I always call my victims back and ask for permission to release the phone call. When I called back a real bodyguard answered the telephone and refused to let me speak to Michael. After some convincing Michael finally got on the line and we spoke for about 10 minutes. He told me that what I said was mean but that the damage was done and he had no control over it from that point forward. I asked him if I could release the phone call and he said "you can do whatever you want"

5. Please explain how you got permission from Michael. Did you also make a recording of Michael giving permission to use the clip?

Ralphige: I basically answered this one above. His bodyguard did not allow him to get back on the line until I promised that I was no longer recording. So, no, I do not have the permission on audio. 

6. It is obvious that Michael knew from the beginning it was a prank call, he went along with it. You ended up getting fooled. Did you know Michael knew it was a prank call?

Ralphige: He did not know it was a prank call. He had suspicions that I did not sound like Akon and possibly thought it was a prank call. He fired off some questions that only him and Akon would know. When I answered those questions correctly he assumed he was speaking to Akon and kept on going. He fell for the prank call. 

7. Do you think Michael Jackson was a child molester? Do you always judge people you don’t know or is that only reserved for Michael?

Ralphige: I do not know if he was a child molester. No one really knows. I honestly hope he wasn't but you can't rule anything out because truthfully no one knows except him. If you listen to my other prank calls, I offend everyone, Michael Jackson was no exception. 

8. Why bring up the accusations? Why did you feel the need to make fun of something that was very hurtful to Michael, knowing how he would take it after he played along with the prank call when he obviously knew it wasn't Akon?

Ralphige: It was a prank call and I wanted to hear his reaction. I prank called Suge Knight and accused him of murdering 2pac. Suge Knights reaction was very chilling and cold blooded. No one knows who killed 2pac and the whole world assumes Suge Knight had something to do with it. You can tell a lot by the way people react to accusations when they are not expecting it. 

9. Any 'prank' that is hurtful goes beyond the acceptable limits. Do you feel shameful to do something so cruel to a person? Will you dare enough to do such horrible thing to another celebrity? or you just feel it's ok because this person is MJ?

Ralphige: I have said worse things to other celebrities. 

10. Because you chose to use the most damaging and hurtful subject to ridicule MJ as a fan I would have to draw the conclusion that you have no respect for Michael as a human being. Do you respect his achievements within the music industry?

Ralphige: I certainly respected him as a human being and no one can deny his achievements in the music industry. There will never be another Michael Jackson. I am also a fan of Michael Jackson. 

11. Do you understand at the time how vulgar and harsh your joke attempt was and how ill-mannered it made you look? Do you understand it now? If yes, what made a change?

Ralphige: Everyone loved the prank call while he was alive. This call happened 4 years ago and had over 2 million views on youtube. After he passed people became more sensitive to what I said. However, if you go back and read the comments on youtube you can see people only thought it was offensive after he died.

12. Ever think about apologizing about the molester joke?

Ralphige: I already have when we spoke about the phone call minutes after it happened.

13. Tell us what’s happening between you and the Michael Jackson Estate in regards to the prank call and the sale of the prank call on your website?

Ralphige: Nothing is happening, they stopped pursuing it after they realized I had authorization from Michael Jackson,


MJJC Exclusive Q&A with Siedah Garrett


MJJC: Were you a Michael Jackson fan before you met him? How did your perception of him changed after you met him / worked with him / toured with him?

Siedah: I had been a Jackson 5 fan my entire life. In fact, during my childhood, Michael Jackson was my play husband. I began to love Michael when he became a solo artist, and I really fell in love with him when he decided to record my song. It was then that I realized that he was more socially conscious than anyone had given him credit for.

MJJC: What was your first impression of Michael?

Siedah: He was so cool, so unexpectedly approachable.

MJJC: Where did the idea of Man In The Mirror come from?

Siedah: Two years before I wrote the song, I was in a writing session with composer John Beasley. In the heat of our session, he decided to answer an incoming call, and responded as if he really wasn’t busy at all. I was seething. I then heard him say ”The man? What man? Oh, the man in the mirror.” That phrase stuck in my mind, and I wrote it down in my lyric book of random ideas. Two years later, as my new writing partner Glen Ballard was searching for sounds on his synthesizer, I came across the notation in my lyric book, and it just jumped off of the page.


MJJC Exclusive Q&A with Andy Picheta (producer of Michael Forever Tribute)

As you remember Jackson family's "Michael Forever" tribute in Cardiff had raised a lot of interest and anger among the fans back in 2011. On August 10, Andy Picheta, one of the producers of Michael forever Tribute,  has released a book called How I Paid Tribute to Michael Jackson : The story of Michael Forever The Tribute Concert detailing what went behind the scenes of the tribute concert.

We approached Andy Picheta for a Q&A and he has agreed to it. Below you can find Andy's answers to our questions. Enjoy

MJJC Exclusive Q&A with Andy Picheta


MJJC: Why did you decide to write this book? Why now? What do you hope your book will accomplish?

Andy Picheta: The process of Michael Forever was a huge, funny, tragic and bizarre happening that needed telling. I hope my book serves as a lesson to entertainment entrepreneurs: to respect the talent, and the fans. I hope it reaches a wide audience, and makes a lot of people laugh a little.  Why now? – couldn’t write it earlier, and would have forgotten a ton of stuff if I’d written it later

MJJC: How did your key partners in this project (Chris, Jeffre, Parojim) really felt about MJ? Would anyone call himself a hardcore fan? A casual fan maybe? Was it anyone’s motivation to actually really pay a tribute, or was it all just business?

Andy Picheta: As a professional, I approach every project with a real desire to do the best I can. I’m not a fan of Michael Jackson in the same way you are.  I’m dispassionate, but very aware that Michael (as every artist I have worked with) put his heart and soul into every lyric, all his talent into every dance step, and did everything to his utmost. I therefore can do no less with my work; it is crucial for me to respect the artist when filming or staging their work. I too put my heart and soul into the film or show, because to do less would be unprofessional and disrespectful. I want the best I can deliver, to be sure to do the right thing at the right time. I’m not unique in this; the desire to do the best possible was exhibited by everyone who worked on the show, from Ron Weisner to the assistant’s assistant. It’s why we stuck it out to the end.

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